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Trade Effluent Services

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Are you being overcharged?

The Water Industry Act 1991 defines Trade Effluent as: “any liquid, either with or without particles of matter in suspension in the liquid, which is wholly or partly produced in the course of any trade or industry carried on at a trade premises.”

Trade Effluent is, by its very nature, a highly complex component of water industry charging. The water companies overriding concern is to ensure compliance with the consented discharge. It does not necessarily follow that they will critically analyse processes and systems to ensure optimal performance and minimal cost.

We understand that compliance with trade effluent consent is of paramount importance, however we also know that this is just the starting point and the complex nature of trade effluent lends itself to the risk of overcharging.

Cadantis provides independent trade effluent expertise and critically evaluates used water discharges. This enables us to identify any anomalies and generate refunds, savings and reduction of charges.

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