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The recovery process

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Without revealing trade and Company secrets, the recovery process involves a number of strategic and operational stages. The main steps in Cadantis Forensics’ analytics are data collection, data preparation, data analysis, reporting and drafting. The following is designed to give a broad guide only to Company procedure:


Data Collection

Desk-top and/or site-specific surveys are completed, on detailed instructions, to determine the contemporary and historical footprint for a customer’s water use-and-spend profile. Data collection can extend to development and user-history, asset profiling, water and waste supply cartography, metering, and other associated processes pertaining to a customer’s use of (and payment for) water. However, and for the purposes of Cadantis Forensic’ core discipline – tariff optimisation and cost recovery.


Data Preparation, Storage and Processing

To ensure Clients’ rights to privacy, and the preservation of confidentiality, all information is firewalled to protect against the risk of infection and cross-referencing. The importance of communication security and efficiency at Cadantis Forensics cannot be overstated. In addition, the Company maintains various categories of knowledge management within its skill set, the cultivation of which requires members of staff to pay regular and close attention to all trade publications, both online and in hard copy, within the water industry and attendant sectors. Training is often conducted by junior members of staff, who are invited routinely to assist with seminar management, so that senior members of staff can be reminded and reassured that knowledge optimisation is both inter-departmental and non-hierarchical.


Data Analysis

Cadantis Forensics is expert at creating and analysing comprehensive and wide-ranging data profiles, without which there would be no appeals, complaints or claims to draft, and nothing for Clients to recover. The Company’s analysts have unrestricted access to in-house legal, so that when presenting a project file to an Account Manager a Client can be reassured that its case is being submitted in its clearest and most robust form.



Account Managers are expert at maintaining regular, detailed and efficiently documented lines of communication with a Client. Managers are assigned to oversee regular reviews, while administering resources and the servicing of all information streams. Cadantis Forensics operates a diary of communications as between the Company and its Clients, stored and operated using state-of-the-art CCR software. Clients are fully appraised on a weekly and, as required, monthly basis – it’s worth noting now that the rigours of cost recovery can take many months, and in some cases, years to resolve. A record of phone calls, letters and emails can be made available to Clients, to reassure them not only that their case is being expedited, but that the water company is dealing efficiently with a Client’s appeals, complaints and claims.



Once the process of analysis is complete, a case file is prepared for drafting. Initial complaints and appeals are submitted to a water company (in skeleton form only), together with the requisite supporting and ancillary documentary and cartographical evidence. If a company challenges this submission, then a fuller, more detailed, legally reasoned document is prepared. If required, and as necessary, more detailed arguments (formed and drafted by Cadantis Forensics’ in-house barrister) are submitted to the appropriate regulators. In rare cases, and always on detailed advice, legal action may be recommended – but only when the Company is confident (and can demonstrate to the appropriate standards) that the action is justified, and is in the interests of all stakeholders.

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