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Who we are

Highly experienced independent water specialists providing cutting edge expertise, analysis and market intelligence. Cadantis Forensics is a trading style of Cadantis Associates Ltd, a water surveying practice founded by Managing Director Simon Stanley in 2003. A former forensic accountant, Simon identified a nexus of opportunities within the water industry for the recovery of overcharges within industrial, commercial, transportation, education, healthcare, leisure and public sectors.
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Meet the team

Simon Stanley

Managing Director

Simon Stanley is a Chartered Accountant (ACMA and CGMA) with many years experience specialising in the forensic isolation of anomalies in company accounting procedures and figures, flowing from the charging by suppliers of non-agreed contract rates. His expertise in the water industry originated with his work overseeing service charge expenses recovery. After more than ten years he identified an opportunity to establish an agency for the challenging of water company billing and services provision. He formed Cadantis Associates in 2003. Simon’s talents extended to his recognition of the abilities of others, and he gathered around him a core team of loyal and gifted individuals, with whom he continues to work today as Associates’ Managing Director.

Amy Goulding

Head of Account Management

Amy joined Cadantis Associates in 2010. She was appointed Head of Account Management in 2015. After graduating from university, she worked for 3 years at Severn Trent Water, as a member of the Energy Consultants Team, for whom she was responsible for complex commercial investigations and dispute resolution. The insight and knowledge she gained at STW contributed much to the development of her work at Cadantis, and as the Company’s senior analyst she is pivotal to the design and implementation of policy, procedure and systems management. The Company relies heavily on Amy’s creative thinking for the isolation of solutions to problems that become ever more complicated with the gathering pace of legislation and regulation. Amy is an expert in market reform, and is of unique value to Clients for her understanding of the workings of this most labyrinthine of industries.

Karen Wright

Head of Customer Services

With 25 years’ experience in the water industry, Karen is the Company’s Dephic Oracle. There is almost nothing she doesn’t know about water services in England and Wales, not least since she was responsible for staff training and operations design during her twenty years at Severn Trent Water. Karen provides key insights and analysis for Clients, and works closely with procurement directors on company boards, and with facilities managers and account departments across a wide spectrum of businesses and organisations. She is particularly adept in her work with publicly-funded bodies, and has a rare understanding of local government operating systems. Karen is justifiably proud of her ability to identify and develop unexpected and previously unseen flaws and weaknesses in water company regulations and operations, resulting commonly in very substantial recoveries by Clients that would have been inconceivable but for her investigations.

Greg Moore

Senior Surveyor

Greg is an expert water surveyor, with almost a decade’s experience in the water industry. He joined Cadantis Associates in 2009, and heads up Cadantis’ surveying department as a specialist analyst of drainage schematics, cartographical and CAD drawings. The speed with which he is able to isolate issues for research (with Clients, as well as from relevant authorities) is of special value when dissecting complex site structures. To that end, his experience dealing with local authority planning histories, flood risk assessments, development / construction planning, and site analytics is unrivalled. Greg contributes to the creation of analytical narratives, on which Account Managers rely when framing appeals, or interpreting disparities. His fluency in the field extends to the forensic identification of anomalies between mapping and real world scenarios (whether off plan or in situ), a skill that enables him to communicate quickly and efficiently with Clients and Company staff alike.

Matthew Riley


Matt oversees Cadantis’ data processing systems, and helps design and develop the internal mechanisms for the management of the many and various strands of information on which the Company relies when compiling Client’s case files. Matt works closely with the survey team, attending with surveyors on-Site to assist with case and project profiling, and he is responsible for ensuring that findings are accurately collated and well presented to the relevant Account Managers. Matt also collaborates with the Account Management team, therefore, and serves as a conduit for the Company’s analysts and surveyors.

Murray Epstein

Research & Surveying

After almost 20 years in the banking industry, Murray moved into retail and property before being invited by Simon Stanley to join Cadantis Associates as a business development consultant in 2012. His close co-operation with the company’s analysts, and his cultivation of relationships with Clients and partners alike, made him an obvious fit as the CCS Liaison. Murray’s role is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of Cadantis’ contract with CCS, and to meet the expectations of the Company’s management that Clients enjoy at all times the very highest standards of service.

Matthew Boyden

Head of Policy

Matthew Boyden is a commercial barrister (called in 2007) with significant experience in London and Brussels of company, banking, competition and utilities law. He advised the pharmaceutical giants Merck and Scherring Plough on their 76bn euro merger in 2009, since when he appeared routinely in the High Court and also the Court of Appeal. In 2015 he was retained by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Skills to advise on the drafting of Part IV of the Enterprise Act 2016. Matthew oversees all of the Company’s policy considerations, and advises in-house legal as well as Clients and consultants on the complex interaction between commercial and legal principle, utility regulation and statute.

Simon Dalton

Policy, Technical & Research Manager

Simon has worked in the water industry for more than twenty years, initially as an analyst for a consultancy in Birmingham before relocating to Cadantis in 2006. He is a specialist in legal and regulatory disputes, with an encyclopedic knowledge of legislative and licencing frameworks and the operational systems of every water company in the UK. Simon is particularly skilled in the identification of solutions to charging disputes, enabling clients to mitigate charges in terms of retrospective refunds and significantly lowered costs more generally. Within an ever-changing, and increasingly complex retail market, Simon’s understanding of the workings of company protocols provides Cadantis’ clients with a unique advantage in a market where customer service is rarely anything more than conceptual.

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