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Sustainable Services

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Increase your water sustainability

The link between water and sustainability is very strong and recent weather has shown the impact of both too little and too much water. Significant risk and resilience concerns were exposed as the UK first faced drought then sustained rainfall leading to flooding and 2012 being the wettest year in England and Wales since records began.

Cadantis’ sustainable services deliver long-term environmental solutions addressing current and future needs and minimises the impact of clients’ activities on local water supplies and infrastructure.

Many applications simply do not need to use drinking quality water for example; flushing toilets, washing vehicles, irrigation and so on. Alternative water sources can be developed to provide nonpotable water and reduce the demand on treated water supplies.

The strategic development of fully sustainable solutions reduces reliance on mains water, sewage and drainage services, which in many areas of the UK are already under stress, whilst improving flood risk management, business risk and resilience and mitigating the effect of future crises.

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