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Forensic Services

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Challenge your water charges

Due to the lack of transparency of water industry charges, commercial water customers are often overcharged by their regional water company and retailer. Most consumers do not realise how easily water charges can be incorrectly applied by the provider.

Unfortunately, within the water industry the burden of proof falls firmly on the consumer to prove to the water company’s satisfaction that their charges are incorrect and should be adjusted.

Desktop assessments using bill validation techniques have proven to be very useful in the electricity and gas sectors. This may be a good starting point for water, but our experience shows that without a full forensic site investigation the benefits will be limited.

Cadantis is a firm of water specialists offering a full range of surveying, engineering and auditing skills to robustly challenge historic, current and future water charging.

By reconciling water bills with the site profile, Cadantis can eliminate discrepancies between assumed and actual conditions.

Our surveyors or engineers usually visit the site to investigate and establish the basis of the appeal, which is then run to a successful conclusion.

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