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Water Market Reform
Businesses in both England and Scotland can now secure a better deal on water charges in a competitive market place. Opportunities to negotiate a better water deal have been available to business customers in Scotland since 2008 where it’s estimated that savings in the region of £90 million have been achieved across the business market. The same opportunities became available to business customers in England following changes that came into effect from April 2017. Water market reform is expecting to deliver an estimated £200 million in benefits to business customers.

The majority of businesses, public sector organisations and charities are eligible to switch their retail supplier. This means that businesses now have the option to choose their supplier rather than being restricted to having retail services provided by a regional monopoly.

How the Competitive Water Market Works
Businesses will still receive the same quality of physical services supplied to site in the form of water and waste water services. These are referred to as wholesale services. Licensed retailers (suppliers) now buy these services from wholesale regional water companies and package the services to be offered to business customers. The packages include billing of water services, meter readings and ancillary services.

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