Guaranteeing our clients have the optimum package from UK water suppliers

Since 2008 business customers in Scotland have been able to choose their water supplier, with the biggest incentive for switching being value. As a result of The Water Act 2014, all businesses and public sector customers in England will also be able to switch their water and sewerage supplier from April 2017. Considered to be the biggest change in the UK water supply market history, it raises a key question for your business; how do you guarantee the optimum deal from your water supplier in 2017 and beyond?

As the 2017 water market and its increased number of retail suppliers is still developing, it will be important to be kept fully informed of the latest developments to know how to correctly answer the above question. Which is why your business needs to be aligned with Cadantis and our team of water experts. We are keeping fully abreast of all the developments and are ready to advise your business as the water supply market rapidly heads towards its radical reform.

For all of your April 2017 water market reform questions and concerns, please call or e-mail the Cadantis team for the very latest updates and best advice.


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