Certifying correct charging and securing refunds if your historic water charges are incorrect.

Our immensely successful results driven service (no upfront fees are required to commission this service) has so far netted our clients over £20m in refunds and savings from water companies. These refunds are secured because some customers (who are in many cases unaware) have been incorrectly overcharged by their regional water company.

With the burden of proof falling firmly on the consumer to prove incorrect charging and the restrictive refunds water companies offer for mistakes made, Cadantis are best placed to successfully challenge and handle your appeal case. Why? Thousands of successful water company appeals underpinned by over a decade of optimal market intelligence, informal precedents and expert investigation techniques, some unique to Cadantis.

Our premium Forensic services include the following:

  • Water related policy and legal expertise.
  • Surface water drainage charge cancellation or reduction (with refund where applicable).
  • Identifying incorrect tariff, billing, charging methods and related taxation.
  • Confirming water meter specification, supply and accuracy of charges.
  • Validating trade effluent discharges and billing.
  • Investigating excessive potable water usage and discharges to sewer.
  • Identifying potential leakage or water supply issues and validating non-return to sewer allowances. 
  • Confirming sewer asset disputes; including public adopted sewerage under the Water Industry Act (Section 102 and 104 adoptions).
  • Business rateable value investigation.
  • A range of detailed drainage surveys in support of these services.

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